Build Your Website With HTML5 and CSS3 - Mathieu Nebra

Build Your Website With HTML5 and CSS3

By Mathieu Nebra

  • Release Date: 2012-10-24
  • Genre: Internet


Do you dream of learning how to create websites but are afraid that it's too complicated as you're a beginner?
This book is made for you! It's designed for beginners and will allow you to discover HTML5 and CSS3, the latest technologies in terms of website design.
A course designed for beginners
No prerequisites, other than knowing how to turn on your computer Gradually increasing difficulty so as not to lose anyone on the way Praised by information technology teachers and professionals, as well as by their students! Build the website you've always dreamed of!
What is a website and how do pros manage to create them? Install the software you need, whether you're running Windows, Mac or Linux Discover HTML5 tags to structure your website Format your web pages through CSS3 Improve your website page layout step by step through practical work! Easily insert images and videos on your website Host your website on the Web Who is this book aimed at?
Computer enthusiasts who want to go further with their computer Students in the field of new technologies seeking to produce course handouts Anyone wanting to create websites
Mathieu Nebra alias [email protected] is the founder of the Site du Zéro website (

As a young man with a passion for new technologies, he scoured bookshops unsuccessfully in an attempt to find books suitable for teaching beginners.
To prove it was possible to do things "more clearly and simply," he created the Site du Zéro website, which has now become the reference for online courses for beginners with several million visitors each month.
His previous books on programming are now bestsellers and have helped many beginners learn C, PHP, Linux, C++, etc.