Madame Roland, Makers of History Series - John Stevens Cabot Abbott

Madame Roland, Makers of History Series

By John Stevens Cabot Abbott

  • Release Date: 2012-07-24
  • Genre: Europe


Characters developed by the French Revolution. – Madame Roland. – Gratien Phlippon. – His repinings at his lot. – Views of Phlippon. – His hostility to the Church. – Origin of the French Revolution. – Character of Madame Phlippon. – Birth of Jane Maria. – Adored by her parents. – Discontent of Phlippon. – His complainings to his child. – Early traits of character. – Love of books. – Jane's thirst for reading. – Her love of flowers. – Jane's personal appearance. – Thirst for knowledge. – Intellectual gifts. – A walk on the Boulevards. – Phlippon's talk to his child. – Youthful dreams. – Influence of Jane's parents over her. – Education in convents. – Jane sent to a convent. – Parting with her mother. – Madame Roland's account of her first night in the convent. – Jane's books of study. – Her proficiency in music and drawing. – Scenes in the convent. – Impressions made by them